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Special Edition Black Second Stage




 All the performance and features of the Classic HOG 2nd stage in a Special Edition Tech Black!

  • 2nd Stage: Same great performance as the Classic HOG Balanced Adjustable 2nd Stage

  • 2nd Stage: Pnuematically balanced high performance adjustable 2nd stage design

  • 2nd Stage:  Composite plastic case for greater durability and impact resistance

  • 2nd Stage: Chrome plated air barrel provides for heat and moisture retention

  • 2nd Stage: Hard front cover with a flow limiting design minimizes freeflowing in heavy current 

  • 2nd Stage: Two material Soft Bite mouthopiece provides comfort and durability

  • Soft touch front purge covers are available in various colors as accessory options.

  • LP hose not incuded with 2nd stage, allowing the diver to choose the optimum lenght and materual for their unique needs.


Mfg. Part# Description CRP
HREG-2-SE HOG Special Edition Black Balanced Adjustable 2nd Stage $139.99 


Options & Accessories


 Mfg. Part#  Description  CRP
HPRT-2-BALADJ-KIT-V HOG Balanced Adjustable 2nd stage service kit - Viton O-rings


 EPRT-2-BALADJ-KIT-B HOG Balanced Adjustable 2nd stage service kit - BUNA O-rings


EAOG-P8BS-COLOR EDGE Soft Bite Mouthpiece- BK/RD, BK/BL, BK/GY, BK/YL, CL/BL, CL/YL $7.99
HPRT-2-SC HOG Soft Push 2nd Stage Front Cover - BK, YL, GR, BL $14.99


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Average Rating: (based on 2 reviews)

Showing 2 Reviews:

by Jorge
on 9/24/2013
A very good 2nd stage at a good price
In this 2nd stage over a year ago that I have, I've given a pretty rough treatment without highly rigorous. I'm not a technical diver but diving sidemount system as a regulator 1st stage cold Hog D1, both work correctly giving a very flow of air, soft, dry and in the amount needed.
I dived down his back and head vertical and 2nd stage remains completely dry, no free flow.
The air flow control and venturi work properly, of course you have to do proper testing to use the particular demand of each person.
In 2nd stage synthesis is a strong, rustic working properly at a very affordable, I am thinking of buying another 2nd stage like as secondary
by Thomas Jecklin
on 1/20/2013
Great Value for average performance
The HOG Special Edition Black Second Stage is a new addition to my diving inventory. Im and instructor and need good value.  The HOG regulator was recommended to me and its metal parts are robust and convincing, not to mention the price.

Under water it breathes with a slight resistance. sometimes i felt it could deliver more air, or perhaps I'm out of shape.  upside down there is a little water entry in the system... reminding me of APEKS regulators. 

I recommend this regulator as a backup regulator or for beginner to intermediate diver needs.  This is not a regulator for daily diving, as it simply does not deliver the air volume i needed, or seals water out completely.

I think its a good buy!
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